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headshot of Nami Ishihara, Facilitator at HappyTeams

the importance of
being happy

The evidence is clear: People who are happy are more productive and perform better overall. 

What makes people happy and engaged at work? The evidence on this is also clear. It is:

  • A meaningful vision of the future

  • A sense of purpose

  • Great relationships

No amount of free snacks, mindfulness, or individual coaching is going to solve a lack of shared vision, confusion over purpose, or underlying conflict in a team.

Being happy is about creating and sustaining relationships over time. It's about having difficult conversations about the WHY, WHAT and HOW. It requires a focus on the team


That's where I come in. 

Why choose happyteams?

I have the professional facilitation skills to take your team where they need to go. 

  • IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator since 2017

  • Trained in the Technology of Participation (ToP) Fundamental Methods

  • Experienced in hosting large group conversations using the World Cafe method

  • Practicing Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

I use powerful tools for evaluating and improving teamwork that teams can incorporate into their ongoing team and leadership development.   

  • Belbin Team Roles that looks at how individual strengths contribute to team performance and leadership skills (Accredited practitioner)

  • The Grove's Team Performance System that offers a wholistic framework for understanding team development (Accredited practitioner)

I know what it's like to be on a multicultural team because I've lived it. 


  • I'm originally from Japan and the U.S., but I've also lived in the UK, Israel, Laos, and currently Indonesia. Before becoming a facilitator I was studying for a PhD in Middle East politics.

  • For two years, I was the president of a non-profit volunteer organization, leading 170 members from over 30 nationalities.

I don't facilitate alone, especially online. I collaborate with other skilled facilitators who share a similar approach and bring added value to the sessions. 

I provide an online workshop experience that is engaging and effective. I do this by applying facilitation best practices, and...

  • Using visual platforms like Mural and graphic templates

  • Incorporating neuroscience research and mind-body approaches  

  • Leaving space for informal conversations 

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