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building retreats and processes

Specially tailored programs for your team to take a step back, focus on what really matters, and build connection and trust.

HappyTeams takes a wholistic and facilitative approach to team building that helps teams develop and sustain teamwork over the long term.


Learn more about the HappyTeams approach to team building here: The Five Lenses Process for Building Teamwork

Stronger team
Heart & Hands

Through a HappyTeams team building process, your team can:

  • Be aligned on team goals, vision, and action plan​

  • Appreciate each other's strengths and contributions

  • Address conflicts in a safe environment


  • Evaluate and improve existing work practices

  • Collaborate effectively across different functions and issue areas

The team building 

With HappyTeams, you can be assured: 

  • A program that is specially tailored to your team and addresses actual team issues and challenges, not pre-packaged solutions. 

  • The option to hold the retreat fully online while maintaining the same level of engagement and outcomes as in-person


  • Highly skilled, professional facilitators with extensive experience working with multi-cultural teams and online platforms and technology

  • Participatory methods that ensure all voices are heard and that team members walk away with a sense of accomplishment and ownership

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