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align your leadership compass

A 7-day retreat in bali to learn to lead with empathy and authenticity.

2024 dates to be announced

leadership compass

WHat it's about

This 7-day retreat is for professionals who want to become the best leader they can be, by aligning with their deeper purpose and values and learning to lead with empathy and authenticity.


You will have the time and space to rest & recharge, reflect on what's most important for you, AND learn some useful leadership skills. You'll delve into reflecting on your purpose and values in a way that's just not possible in your busy life, supported by an experienced facilitator and like-minded people from around the globe.

You'll enjoy the beautiful nature and healing environment of Bali. You'll come out feeling refreshed and confident in your purpose as a leader and as a person.

This 2024 program is an updated version of a successful retreat that was held in June 2023. See the Mural photo gallery here:

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WhatsApp Image 2023-06-08 at 14.55.31.jpeg

what you'll experience
(excerpts from participant testimonials)

"... the opportunity to connect with other likeminded individuals and the safe space to share and devote time for our personal and leadership development."

"... leadership learning. Relating the experience to my work. I really enjoyed Belbin and also getting my colleagues to assess me. Very revelatory."

"... open ended and not rigid following a really strong format. This enabled me to be more creative."

This retreat is for you if:

  • You want to align who you are as a person (your strengths, purpose, and values) with who you are in your professional life.

  • You want to take a pause to step back from everyday life and recharge your energy to focus on what is truly important for you. 

  • You believe that leadership is about making human connection, empowering others, and communicating what we stand for, not about position or authority.


facilitated by Nami ishihara,
IAF Certified™ professional facilitator

Nami is passionate about creating spaces where participants can discover new aspects of themselves and connect with others in a safe, supportive environment. Through her 10-year career as a facilitator, Nami noticed that the best leaders are those who know their strengths and weaknesses, and can act in alignment with their values and purpose. She created this retreat so that people can experience the profound transformation that happens when we allow ourselves the time and space to reflect and connect with each other. 

Testimonial 1

“Nami has hit the modern day working target of matching leadership with self care. I learned so much about how improved wellness makes me a better leader. This course examines the challenges of the workplace with the reality of our modern day leadership demands. I’ve now got tools to manage both. Thank you!”

In this retreat you can expect:

The Retreat Story

What to expect

Your learning journey begins the moment you walk into the retreat center, which is located in the middle of rice fields close to the sea. It is a gorgeous space with lots of open space and small nooks for reflection or simply for doing nothing. Every day, we'll start the day with setting an intention, and learning a core skill or framework, which we'll then explore throughout the day. This is far from the passive, classroom-based learning that is typical in most leadership training courses. It is active and joyful learning, because we learn by sharing our thoughts with each other, reflecting on what the concepts mean for us personally, and engaging with all our senses, not just with our mind. The facilitator will guide you through a combination of self-reflection exercises, small-group conversations, and other creative activities designed to deepen understanding and offer opportunities to practice the leadership skills. We will do journaling, draw, and make music. We will tell stories, listen to each other, and learn something new every day. We'll take a break for a healthy and delicious lunch. Eating well is important and will be one of the highlights of this retreat. In the afternoon, you will have unstructured time to participate in many of the wellness activities organized by the retreat center. Some of the options, such as a massage and yoga class, are already included in the retreat package, while others (such as a consultation with a traditional healer) can be arranged separately. The retreat is a cohort-based program that emphasizes co-listening and peer learning. Most participants will be meeting for the first time, so we'll take time to get to know and support each other. You will walk out of the retreat rested and refreshed, with a sense of purpose and direction, and with some practical tools in your toolbox for those "soft" skills that make all the difference-- active listening, managing emotions, creating psychological safety in teams, and handling stress. You'll have a supportive community of like-minded people who have been with you on your learning journey as a leader. You'll be energized by the beauty and special energy of the place that is Bali.


Need More Info?

Retreat fee

​(The fee below is for 2023 only; the exact fee for the 2024 Retreat will be announced soon. Please get in touch for more details.)

Double occupancy $2100

Single occupancy $2800 


Also includes wellness activities:

  • 1 Signature Balinese Massage

  • 1 yoga class

  • Sound Healing group session

  • Art and Culture shopping tour 

  • Purification Ceremony and Ritual at Sacred Water Temple

  • Morning walks to the nearby rice fields and beach

let me know if you're interested

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